Sukothai Historical Park

is the remains of the Thai capital, Sukothai. Established in 1238 it remained the capital of the Thai Kingdom until 1378 when it was replaced by Ayutthaya. Located on flat ground in the central region of Thailand it is best explored by cycling.

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was the capital of the Silla dynasty. The Silla dynasty lasted 989 years, from 54BC to 935AD. They were the first to unify Korea, ruling the entire peninsula from 668AD to 935AD. Buddhism was introduced to Korea during their dynasty.

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Silla Art and Science Museum

Art and science from the Silla period is on display in this museum in the Gyeongju Folk Craft Village. Village location is in the hills on the periphery of Gyeongju, South Korea.

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Abashiri Prison Museum

Abashiri Prison in Abashiri, Hokkaido, Japan was a self sufficient prison farm. When a new prison was build in the 1980s buildings from the old prison were transferred to an open air museum, the Abashiri Prison Museum.

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is a small town in the Issan region of Thailand. I am here for the Phimai Festival held here every November. The festival features local cuisine, dragon boat races, the Korat cat show and a light and sound show of singing and dancing at Prasat Hin Phimai.

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Lakes Mashu and Kusshiro

are caldera lakes in eastern Hokkaido, Japan. They can be visited on a one day train trip from Abashiro in the north or Kushiro in the south.

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is is a fishing port and tourist centre located on the north-east coast of England. Amongst its attractions are St Mary's Church and Whitby Abbey and its fish 'n' chips shops. [Read More...]

Shinhenugsa Temple

is the head temple of the Joyge order of Buddhism. It is located in the Seoraksan National Park, South Korea. Originally built in 650AD, and rebuilt many times since, it is be the oldest Zen Buddhist temple in the world. [Read More...]


was a monastic city establish by St Kevin in the 6th century. It flourished until 1215 when the diocese of Dublin and Glendalough were combined causing Glendalough to decline in importance. It was destroyed by the English in 1398. [Read More...]

Mitaki-ji Temple

is a Shingon temple located in forested hills on the periphery of Hiroshima, Japan. Amongst the forest and moss in the temple grounds are more than 300 Buddha and jizos. A babbling brook completes the tranquil environment. [Read More...]

Lake Towada

is a caldera lake located in northern Honshu, Japan. It has a periphery of about 46kms with an average depth of 71 meters. Its clear cold waters drain into the Oirase river. [Read More...]

Wieliczka Salt Mine

is located about 10kms from Krakow, Poland. Salt was mined from the 13th century until 1996. Many statues and friezes have been carved in its grey granite textured salt. [Read More...]


is an UNESCO heritage site. The Mezquito, Roman Bridge, Gate and the Alcarzar de los Reyes are a continuous heritage area. It can be visited on a day trip from Seville. [Read More...]

Kutna Hora

in the Czech Republic has many attractions. I went to visit the Bone Church. However, the magnificent Church of St Barbara surpassed it. Kutna Hora became rich because of silver mining. This wealth helped to build St Barbara's Church which was named after St Barbara, the patron Saint of mining. [Read More...]

Temple of Literature

was built in 1070 as a shrine to Confucius. In 1076 it became Vietnam's first University. Originally only children of the aristocracy attended. Later it was opened to gifted commoners. For 700 years it served as a centre for higher learning. [Read More...]

Halong Bay

In the tour I took to Halong Bay the second day of a three day tour is the most activity filled day. Activities including exploring caves, climbing to lookouts and visiting islands all occur on the second day. [Read More...]

Day Trek Near Sapa

There are many treks you can go on, visiting hilltribe villages, in the Sapa area. Some are one day, many are multi-day treks. Because I havent done any treks for a number of years I choose a one-day trek. [Read More...]

Jeju Island Stone Park

Jeju is a volcanic island located south of the Korean peninsula. The Jeju Stone Park, being set up to celebrate the island's stone based culture, is due to be completed in 2020. [Read More...]

the Esperance Foreshore

Esperance is a port and beach resort. Located 390 kilometers south of Kalgoorlie is a long way from anywhere. Skylab crashed near here in 1979. [Read More...]

Maritime Museum

Its sailing days over, Australia II winner of the America's Cup in 1983, is housed in the Western Australian Maritime Museum. The museum building resembling a billowing sail is located on the southern end of the Fremantle wharfs.[Read More...]

Kangaroo Island

located south of Adelaide, South Australia, is Australia's third largest island after Tasmania and Melville Island. Relatively unknown, it is often used as a sanctuary in attempts to protect endangered species. [Read More...]


are geological formations created by the weathering of crystalline rocks. There are several on the Eyre Peninsula, including Murphy's Haystacks. [Read More...]

Eyre Peninsula

Sparsely populated, the Eyre Peninsula, west of Adelaide has an economy based in fishing, farming and tourism. It also has a number of granite outcrops called inselbergs. [Read More...]

Loy Krathong

Every year in the first full moon of November the Loy Krathong festival is celebrated throughout Thailand. As I have never witnessed this festival before it seemed appropriate to attend it at its place of birth, Sukothai. [Read More...]

Wat Doisupthep

Overlooking Chiang Mai, on a site where a white elephant carrying a sacred bone is believed to had died, is one of Thailand's most sacred wats, Wat Doi Supthep[Read More...]

Boat to Luang Prabang

Travelling from the Thai border at Chiang Klong to Luang Prabang by the slow boat is a pleasant two day journey with an over night stop at Pak Being. [Read More...]

Fraser Island

The aboriginal name for Fraser Island, K'gali, means Gods of Paradise. Located off the Queensland coast it is tropical with rain forest and many lakes. Composed almost entirely of sand, it is the world's largest sand island. [Read More...]

Lake Margaret

is a small hydroelectricity scheme located in the west coast of Tasmania. It was build during World War I to provide power to the nearby Queenstown copper mines. A group of us walked along the pipeline from the power station to the lake. [Read More...]

Cradle Mountain

in Central Tasmanian is one of my favourite places. The serenity allows my imagination to drift back to pre-industrial times. A popular days outing is to climb to the summit. [Read More...]