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Why is my site called imyom5.com? What does one call a travel site? There are so many Nomadic Bills and Wandering Jills authoring travel sites, each requiring a unique name. I have no idea what to call my humble contributions to the travel blog universe. I travel taking photographs with my Olympus OM-D5-MkII equipped with a 14-150mm zoom. Note, this is not a site sponsored by Olympus. I would be surprised if they even know of its existence.

Site navigation is very simple. Currently a summary of all my pages is displayed on the home page in the order in which they were published. Hovering over the main menu items Australia, Asia or Europe gives a drop down menu. Clicking the main menu items will display summaries from the particular region in alphabetical order. Sometimes clicking on an image on a page will download a larger version of the same image.

As words tend dribble off my nip in discrete drops and not a torrent of literary eloquence, they are used to provide context and linkage for photographs.

I can be contacted by commenting on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or by email.