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Why is my site called imyom5.com? What does one call a travel site? There are so many Nomadic Bills and Wandering Jills authoring travel sites, each requiring a unique name. I have no idea what to call my humble contributions to the travel blog universe. I travel taking photographs with my Olympus OM-D5-MkII equipped with a 14-150mm zoom. Note, this is not a site sponsored by Olympus. I would be surprised if they even know of its existence.

Site navigation is very simple. Currently a summary of all my pages is displayed on the home page in the order in which they were published. Hovering over the main menu items Australia, Asia or Europe gives a drop down menu. Clicking the main menu items will display summaries from the particular region in alphabetical order. Sometimes clicking on a small image will download a larger version of the same image.

As words tend dribble off my nip in discrete drops and not a torrent of literary eloquence, they are used to provide context and linkage for photographs.

I have a Facebook page. At least one photograph of each city or region I have visited is posted to Trover. Occasionally I post a square image to Instagram. There will be some image overlap between the various media I use.

If you use Pinterest, my images can be posted to your boards by hovering over the image and clicking the Save button.

Twitter is used to communicate postings to Trover and this site.

I can be contacted by commenting on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

The header photograph for the general index and this page where taken at Aonang, Krabi, Thailand. The header photographs for the Australian index and pages, Asia index and pages, European index and pages were taken at Kuta Tjuta, Northern Territory,Australia; Aonang; and Cliffs of Mohair, County Clair, Ireland.