Cradle Mountain

in Central Tasmanian is one of my favourite places. The quiet serenity allows my imagination to drift back to pre-industrial times. A popular days outing is to climb to the summit. [Read More...]

Esperance Foreshore

Esperance is a port and beach resort. Located 390 kilometers south of Kalgoorlie is a long way from anywhere. Skylab crashed near here in 1979. [Read More...]

Eyre Peninsula

Sparsely populated, the Eyre Peninsula, west of Adelaide has an economy based in fishing, farming and tourism. It also has a number of granite outcrops called inselbergs. [Read More...]

Fraser Island

The aboriginal name for Fraser Island, K'gali, means Gods of Paradise. Located off the Queensland coast it is tropical with rain forest and many lakes. Composed almost entirely of sand, it is the world's largest sand island. [Read More...]


are geological formations created by the weathering of crystalline rocks. There are several on the Eyre Peninsula, including Murphy's Haystacks. [Read More...]

Kangaroo Island

located south of Adelaide, South Australia, is Australia's third largest island after Tasmania and Melville Island. Relatively unknown, it is often used as a sanctuary in attempts to protect endangered species. [Read More...]

Lake Margaret

is a small hydroelectricity scheme located in the west coast of Tasmania. It was build during World War I to provide power to the nearby Queenstown copper mines. A group of us walked along the pipeline from the power station to the lake. [Read More...]

Maritime Museum

Its sailing days over, Australia II winner of the America's Cup in 1983, is housed in the Western Australian Maritime Museum. Resembling a billowing sail, it is located on the southern end of Fremantle's wharfs.[Read More...]