is an UNESCO heritage site. The Mezquito, Roman Bridge, Gate and the Alcarzar de los Reyes are a continuous heritage area. It can be visited on a day trip from Seville. [Read More...]


was a monastic city establish by St Kevin in the 6th century. It flourished until 1215 when the diocese of Dublin and Glendalough were combined which caused Glendalough to decline in importance. It was destroyed by the English in 1398. [Read More...]

Kutna Hora

in the Czech Republic has many attractions. I went to visit the Bone Church, however the magnificent Church of St Barbara surpassed it. Kutna Hora became rich because of silver mining. This wealth helped to build St Barbara's Church. So named because St Barbara is the patron Saint of mining. [Read More...]

Sedlac Ossuary

commonly known as the bone church, is a small church located in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. Inside are the bones of forty thousand people, from the medieval period, which have arranged in decorative designs. [Read More...]


is is a fishing port and tourist centre located on the north-east coast of England. Amongst its attractions are St Mary's Church and Whitby Abbey. [Read More...]

Wieliczka Salt Mine

is located about 10kms from Krakow, Poland. Salt was mined from the 13th century until 1996. Many statues and friezes have been carved in its grey granite textured salt. [Read More...]